More Than Sad

A Model School Policy on Suicide Prevention

Interactive Screening Program

More Than Sad has taught over a million students and educators how to be smart about mental health.Purchase More Than Sad to receive the two More Than Sad films, Teen Depression and Preventing Teen Suicide for each program : High School Students,Parents,Teachers.

The Model School District Policy on Suicide Prevention gives educators and school administrators a comprehensive way to implement suicide prevention policies in their local community.
There are specific, actionable steps to support school personnel; sample language for student handbooks; suggestions for involving parents and guardians in suicide prevention; and guidance for addressing in-school suicide attempts.

The Interactive Screening Program (ISP) is an online program utilized by mental health services at institutions of higher education, law enforcement agencies, workplaces, and Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs). ISP provides a safe and confidential way for individuals to take a brief screening for stress, depression, and other mental health conditions, and receive a personalized response from a caring mental health counselor.